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  • About us

    Set up in 1986, we are a registered charity that helps anyone who has been affected by cancer. We recognise that a diagnosis of cancer can have a far-reaching impact not just on the person with cancer but also on their family and friends. The Group has been run entirely on a voluntary basis since inception.

  • Where and when we meet

    We currently utilise the meeting rooms in Hexham General Hospital and meet on the first Tuesday of each month there at 6:30pm. There is also a group meeting on the third Tuesday of the month in the community room of Trinity Methodist Church, Beaumont Street, Hexham beginning at 1pm.

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  • Members Comments

  • "When I signed up to be a volunteer therapist for the group I thought it would be for a few years. Well it’s now been about 25 years – those 25 years hold lots of precious memories. I have met some wonderful, strong people who have been an inspiration to me. We have had real happy times but also sad times. Time spent at Kirkby Fleetham, Minsteracres and here at Shepherd’s Dene was always something to look forward to. My favourite place as many of you already know is Shepherd’s dene. The staff always make us feel at home. We have laughed and cried but have always felt love, togetherness and support for each other."

    "Congratulations to Northumberland cancer Support Group for 30 years of charity. I am grateful for the support I have received and hope we can support other for many years to come. What a wonderful place Shepherd’s Dene to have this joyous occasion."

    "Congratulations to NCSG on 30 wonderful years of support and care for its members. Well done for the past and best wishes for the future."

    "I have always loved coming to Shepherd’s Dene and am very happy to be here to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Northumberland Cancer Support Group. You have all given tremendous support and friendship to many people. Congratulations on this special occasion."

    "Shepherd’s Dene is such a lovely venue to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Northumberland Cancer Support Group. The group is a lovely place to attend for both support and socially. Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary."

    "Congratulations to the Northumberland Cancer Support group on their 30th Anniversary celebrations at Shepherd’s Dene. I have been a member for almost 11 years and the support and camaraderie and fun received is fantastic. Shepherd’s Dene is one of our favourite places as we go there on retreat every year. It is fitting indeed to hold our celebrations here."

    "Congratulations to Northumberland Cancer Support Group. As a new member, the friendship and support I have received has been amazing. I look forward to many more years as a member."

    "Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary, this is my first time meeting all the lovely new people. Here’s to many more years."

    "I knew of the group’s existence but never thought I would need or want to join. How wrong I was, I have enjoyed every meeting and function I have attended. May the group go forth another 30 years."

    "This is a very special day to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our group and it is wonderful to see so many of my friends here that I have shared lots of happy times over my 24 years with the Northumberland Cancer Support Group. Lots of good wishes for many more anniversaries of our group."

    "Congratulations to Northumberland Cancer Support Group for your 30th birthday! Times come and go things look good and Shepherd’s Dene is marvellous."

    "Happy Anniversary! Very glad to support you. Hope for lots of progress and growth in the group to come – 30 more years at least!"

    "Congratulations and so many thanks to you all for the support, care and friendship you have given me since I joined in Autumn 2015."

    "Congratulations to such a special group. Thank you for always being there for us for the friendships we have made since joining the group. Shepherd’s dene is such a lovely venue. Thanks again for the support."

    "Since joining the group in 2001 as a volunteer encouraged by a dear friend to join. I’m so grateful for the warmth, love and friendship of members. More recently I have been involved with volunteering as a Macmillan Support Worker at Hexham ODU on a weekly basis and it has been such a great way to meet and introduce others to the wonderful NCSG, where I know from experience that support will be there. Over the years I remember with joy (and a little sadness) all the beautiful people who have been part of the group. To all these folk and those still attending the group today. I say a big thank you for being you – Congratulations to us all for keeping the show on the road! God Bless."

    "What a wonderful afternoon! I was talked into coming and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The pipe band was fabulous. The Committee has worked hard to make the afternoon such a success."

    "Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary! This is such a wonderful occasion and many thanks for making it such a success and so memorable!"

    "Well done everyone who has contributed to making this group what it is. Here’s to the next 30 years."

    "Many congratulations on your 30th Anniversary. What a celebration! Such a happy and friendly group. Great music, delicious food and chat."

    "I was delighted to be invited to the 30th Anniversary Celebration Garden Party. It has been a wonderful afternoon, very enjoyable indeed. My very best wishes for the future and thanks to the organising committee for such an interesting and relaxing afternoon."

    "I have been coming to the group for the last nineteen years and have appreciated all the support and love I have received. It has been like a big family that have been there when needed. Today I am remembering a lot of the past members, who are no longer with us. A lovely celebration today at Shepherd’s Dene for the 30th Anniversary."

    "What a lovely occasion! As a family member I felt really welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion."

    "It has been wonderful meeting up with many friends we made over the 23 years of being part of the Northumberland Cancer Support Group and talking about the fabulous times we shared. Past friends will always be in our hearts. A super 30 Year Celebration."

    "Congratulations to NCSG on 30 Years! Well done! …. and Shepherd’s Dene is such a special place to celebrate this significant milestone. Very best wishes for many more happy events!"

    "Well done to us!! We certainly have something to celebrate 30 years of excellence."

    "30 years – wonderful that the group are still meeting regularly in Hexham. The group has helped so many people over the years. I have enjoyed being involved with the group as a therapist and now doing admin assistance. I started initially coming to the group, as my mother was a member. I have very much appreciated the support and love she received from the Northumberland Cancer Support Group."

    "Congratulations on celebrating 30 years. It’s so good to have a support group that’s forward thinking. We wish you all the best for the future."

    "Thank you for inviting me to be part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration. I enjoyed 20+ years as your Yoga and Meditation instructor and made many friends. Today has been a treat meeting up with old members and new."

    "It was so lovely to be able to take part in this lovely occasion. Very many thanks to the Committee for such a wonderful afternoon."